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Cutie Flat Earth Theory

Cutie Orphan Red with her impressive titties blathers on for 28 minutes about her flat earth theories. See if you can endure her speech until the end, in the meantime enjoy her cleavage and imagine playing with her massive titties…

Space is a Hoax?

Cute girl with big tits blathers on about her theories about space. Try to follow what the fuck she is saying and make sense of it or just enjoy her cuteness and massive titties. Either she is on drugs you you’ll need drugs to understand what points she is trying to make. Anyway give it […]

Rocket Hits the Dome

Fun to watch rocket built by amateurs in a serious way apparently hits the dome, God’s Firmament [Check out the Book of Genesis], proving that the earth is flat. Other details follow in this video that support this conspiracy. Anyway, the whole thing is fun to watch and ponder…

Flat Earth Explained [1.2 hr]

David Murphy goes into a lengthy discussion with some fat Serbian guy about the flat earth theory and how the flat earth is set up. He sounds very intelligent and credible and might even have the fat guy convinced. After you watch this video, you may have to change your perspectives on the Earth…