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Super Fattie Wrestling Crusher Move

It looks like this dude’s amateur wrestling days are over. When a guy the size of a Toyota drops on you, it’s time to find another vocation. Let’s hope he survived this ordeal and will regain consciousness soon. As for the fat guy, he owes the gym a new table…

Lady Goes Bananas in Store

Looks like an unsatisfied customer…. Someone said she was mad that her lottery ticket won nothing and blames the store where she bough it. Watch how this lady destroys the store while employees just helplessly stand around. A taser would be handy in this situation…

Super Fat Slob and His Supercar

What’s the point of owning a super sexy super car when you’re a bloated fat slob. Even worse, you look like a total loser when you’re just too fat to get out of the car. This guy isn’t impressing anyone today…  

Couple in Chrysler Run Over a Whale

During a protest some big fat woman land -whale blocks some couple driving a Chrysler 300. She uses her massive belly to block the car but the car keeps inching forward. Other protesters get into a heated argument with the couple who eventually have had enough and hit the gas. The whale rolls on the […]

World’s Worst Neighbor

We have no idea who started this beautiful neighborly relationship but check out the old dude on the golf cart, and his anger and hatred for the other guy. Imagine living next to a guy like this who goes out of his way to block you in, demand respect and argue about everything under the […]

Please Don’t Eat and Ride

Chubby Chubster and skinny dude are on a date at the amusement park. Based on the “outcome” of the ride, Chubster ate 16 corn dogs, 4 colas and a basket of candied apples before going on the ride. Skinny guy may have liked the chubby ones before, but after this experience, we think he’ll be […]

Fattie Boom Boom Gets Shoved Onto Conveyor

Hector here hasn’t eaten a salad in thirty years. Laughter and mayhem ensue when one of his buddies pushes him onto the luggage conveyor. His massive girth and size makes it nearly impossible for him to get up. Everyone has a good laugh, even Hector. Forget about asking him to help anyone over Trump’s wall….