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The 1974 Matador – The Forgotten Coupe Shitbox

It must of been tough living in the 1970’s. Gas shortages, Jimmy Carter and really shitty cars. Here’s a documentary on the AMC Matador. We’re not sure what this guy is talking about. This car is as ugly as hell even for the 1970’s and a total piece of shit. Check out how low American […]

Ice Sculpture Disaster

Thousands of hours of work went into creating this massive and magnificent ice sculpture. However when the final supports are removed, physics and gravity had the final say…

Bungee Cord too Long

Are you on vacation? Did you just fork out $60 to try a tourist trap bungee jump? Stay away from these dumb fuckers who couldn’t afford a tape measure and made the cord too long. Hope this guy gets his money back once he is conscious again…

Boat Ramp Disasters 1

Here is a compilation of disasters at the boat ramp with a whole array of flooded and totally submerged cars that will probably never be running again. Many of these people will probably never try to launch a boat again, maybe take up Karaoke instead….