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The Bricklin – A Failed Dream

Check out this documentary on the Bricklin. This was the only modern day car built in Canada, with the exception of the Tudhope that was built in 1912 in Orillia Ontario. This car was an economic failure and a piece of shit as well. Terrible colors, poor performance and ill fitting parts eventually put the […]

The Age of Emotional Incontinence

Patrick Joseph Watson reviews our snowflake society where mainly young people are triggered and offended by just about everything. And worse than that, they openly express their childish emotions in public and are encouraged and praised by their peers to act like whining idiots…

Russian Ambulance

Ivan has abdominal pains and is taken to the hospital for an examination. But with this kind of help he would have been better off staying home and putting up with the pain…..

Ku Klux Clan Imperial Wizard

Here’s a recent documentary on the KKK with in depth interviews with their current Imperial Wizard, who drives a delivery truck when he’s not running the KKK. This documentary tries to portray the KKK as a pile of losers who run around in their retarded looking ghost outfits, and does a good job of it. […]

How NOT to Use a Ladder

Check out these guys who fuck up royally with ladders. Almost 100 million people die every year in the USA from ladder falls, fortunately none of these accidents were fatal…

Indian Student builds his own Car Shitbox

So this 19 year old Indian guy takes a used Hyundai Accent that would at least meet India’s safety standards and have 4 seats, a roof, heat and air conditioning. He creates an open two seat buggy with no safety equipment, air, heat or a roof.  A total piece of shit from a functional car. […]

Black Friday 1983 Vs Today

It’s no surprise how society has changed over a few decades. We’ve gone from people to animals…About 7 people have died over this period of time due to Black Friday store riots. What an absurd way to go

The Evil Bridge

This bridge in North Carolina is only 11 ft 8 In high, offering far below the standard 14 ft clearance that most bridges in North America are built for. Over the past ten years almost 130 crashes have been recorded as box trucks fail to heed the warning lights, sensors and signs and try to […]

World’s Fattest Man

This poor fucker is over 1000 pounds! He’s just a gross blob of meat rolling around his over-sized bed. There’s no way he can find his pecker. His mother mortgaged the house so she can buy the food to stuff his face with. This guy is super-addicted to food and needs full time staff paid […]