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Very Cool Brick Dome performance Center

This brick dome performing arts center was built back in 2015. They started with a block foundation below grade and added a rebar “cage” so that they could lay the brick. An adjustable occulus at the top can regulate light too. Beautifully finished inside, it is used for music and drama with excellent acoustics. A […]

Television Commercials From the 80’s

Here are a bunch of commercials from the 1980’s. You can see that they’ve been selling us the same shit for decades. You’ll also see how blurry and crappy TV was in that period. When you’re used to high definition images, these commercials look like shit….

The Rat Patrol [1966-1968]

Here is an episode of a moderately successful series that aired on ABC from 1966 to 1968. It was about four guys in two¬† jeeps with a fucking big gun mounted on each one who beat the shit out of the Germans in Africa during World War 2. It didn’t matter whether they were outnumbered […]

Men In Coats 2013

Video of Men In Coats on their UK tour in 2013. Their unique brand of humor makes both children and adults laugh. Their unique antics, especially the mini man is timeless hilarity…

The Three Stooges – G.I. Wanna Go Home 1946

Hilarious post Word War 2 episode depicting the housing shortage after the war that created the housing and economic boom up to and through the 1960’s. This is one of the last episodes dear Curly was in before his debilitating stroke later in the same year. Older brother Shemp would come back to the act […]

Completely Lame Canadian Cannonball TV Series 1950’s

During the evolution of television in the 50’s many great TV shows emerged. I Love Lucy, leave it to Beaver and the Honeymooners were among the best that the industry turned out in that era. There were many really lame shows too, filled with bad actors, lame plots and pointless episodes. Here is an episode […]

Really Bad Bollywood Movie Scenes

Check out these really bad scenes from obscure Bollywood movies. Some Indian dude with a man bun of sorts explains the scenes in Hindi. So if you understand Hindi, all the better. If you don’t just look at the scenes and see just how terribly made and totally retarded they are…