Dumbasses99 Videos

The Age of Emotional Incontinence

Patrick Joseph Watson reviews our snowflake society where mainly young people are triggered and offended by just about everything. And worse than that, they openly express their childish emotions in public and are encouraged and praised by their peers to act like whining idiots…

Ku Klux Clan Imperial Wizard

Here’s a recent documentary on the KKK with in depth interviews with their current Imperial Wizard, who drives a delivery truck when he’s not running the KKK. This documentary tries to portray the KKK as a pile of losers who run around in their retarded looking ghost outfits, and does a good job of it. […]

Black Friday 1983 Vs Today

It’s no surprise how society has changed over a few decades. We’ve gone from people to animals…About 7 people have died over this period of time due to Black Friday store riots. What an absurd way to go

The Evil Bridge

This bridge in North Carolina is only 11 ft 8 In high, offering far below the standard 14 ft clearance that most bridges in North America are built for. Over the past ten years almost 130 crashes have been recorded as box trucks fail to heed the warning lights, sensors and signs and try to […]

Hilarious IRS Scams Explosed

Here is a brilliant prankster who messes with an Indian scammer who tells him he is from the IRS and owes $5000. How he is instructed to pay the debt to the government turns out to be absolutely absurd…

Retards of Nurburgring

The famed track near Nurburg Germany is known for its world class races including Grand Prix level events. When sanctioned race events are not being held, any retard can take their street legal car out on the track and whip it around and see how fast they can go. These events are known as TOURISTENFAHRTEN. […]

This Should Be Fun

Check out this tattooed retard who takes a selfie of himself riding down a very steep drainage channel that ends in erosion control rocks at the bottom. Maybe this should be fun but there’s more fun out there than getting seriously banged up looking for trouble…