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Asian Skooter Crashes 2

Mostly Asian skooters. Watch the crashes and pileups of these seemingly safe modes of transportation. Luckily most end in a few bruises and scrapes. Yet, we wonder how they can be sooooo bad at driving these little vehicles…..

Crew of Asiana Flight 214

Remember a couple of years back when Asiana Flight 214 came in too low and crashed trying to land at the San Francisco airport? Pranksters fed the teleprompter with fabricated names of the crew and the dipshit newscaster read them off without even thinking what she was reading. It was a very sad event but […]

Epic Asshole Drivers 1

Check out these total assholes as they fuck up their day as well as many others on the road. Most of these accidents are totally avoidable, taking place in the day on good dry roads. Many are powered by vodka and other ill shit…

Crazy Toothless Fat Woman Bothers Reporter

A typical reporter is trying to do a story about an injured girl, somehow related to the crazy woman and her house. Look how uncomfortable and aggravated the reporter looks as this nutcase blathers on about crazy shit to the guy. Finally he puts the report back on track but the crazy fat woman just […]

Fuck the Ambulance

Here in Russia some vodka freaks don’t care if an ambulance with its dash cam is trying to get through in an emergency. Slavek doesn’t give a flying fuck about the ambulance and even has the nerve to mess with it. All this is powered by vodka…