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The Life of Pablo Escobar

Still more dope on this crazy drug lord. This documentary shows all sides of Pablo, including all the money he spent on the people, providing them with homes, facilities and help when they needed it. He loved the people of Columbia and hated the drug addicts of America that financed his campaign…

Chalk Air Beach Crash

Air Crash Investigations reviews the tragic crash of a Grumman amphibious airplane that departed Miami bound for the Bahamas. Right after takeoff, a wing separates from the plane. The event is caught on a bystander’s camera. The crash was also the end of Chalk Air as a company as well…  

Storm Over Everest

PBS documentary on the 1996 storm On Everest that claimed more lives than any other year. Beyond the dead, there were many survivors with frostbite who still live on today with fewer fingers, toes or limbs. This year marked Everest’s worst tragedy for climbers…

The Amazing Model T

Here is a great documentary on the car that changed the world. It not only became the first assembly line production car but it changed the way of life and the prosperity of America. Even today, some production techniques pioneered with the Model T prevail today…  

Canadian Dies on Mt Everest

Heartbreaking documentary of Canadian Sharia Shah who dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Making it to the top, she proudly held the Canadian Flag. Sadly, she took too long to get to the summit and after spending almost 27 hours in the Death Zone, she perished. She is gone but at least she realized her dream. […]

Giant Hovercraft SN-R4 Gone Forever

Hovercrafts were popular in the 1970’s and into the 1990’s until high operating costs killed most of the hovercraft services around the world. These crafts offered the convenience of boat travel over short distances like ferry routes but at a much faster rate. Escalating fuel costs and ticket prices generated a drop in ticket sales […]

Serial Killer Ed Gein

Good old Ed Gein was your typical reclusive farmer next door. He kept to himself and was a pretty regular kind of guy. Except when he mummified his dead mother so he could talk to her after her death (and maybe do other things to her…). He liked murdering local women and making masks out […]

Mobile Living as an Alternate Way of Life

Heartwarming documentary on a handful of special people who have either chosen or been forced into the alternate lifestyle of mobile living. Listen to their stories and see how they have made mobile living a quality way of life. More and more people are choosing tiny homes, mobile homes and other forms of non traditional […]

The Plane that Fell From the Sky

This classic CBS documentary from 1983 reviews the 1979 near crash of TWA flight 841. The pilots were able to regain control of the Boeing 727 after it fell thousands of feet and made an emergency landing. The passengers heralded the pilots as heroes who blamed the near crash on faulty controls. However, investigators said […]

Old Before My Time [1.39 hr]

Fascinating British documentary about the effects of long term drug abuse. Some of the individuals profiled are abnormally young yet face a lifetime of health problems due to drug abuse and in many cases shortened lives as well…