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Serial Killer Edward Kemper

Psychopath Edward Kemper went on a killing spree in Santa Cruz California in the mid 1970’s. Raping, murdering and dismembering his female victims, Kemper had a continuous flow of body parts turning up beaches, trails and forests…

The Legendary L1011 TriStar

Documentary on the amazing Lockheed L1011 Tristar. The triple engine plane that could land itself and compete with the DC-10 and 747. Yet, advanced as it was for its time, it almost bankrupted Lockheed and ended their commercial jet manufacturing activities forever…

The Deadly Logisitcs of Climbing Mount Everest

Mount Everest has become a commercialized tourist venture. If you can afford $40,000 or more you can get the chance to climb Everest regardless of your experience and qualifications. This documentary outlines the complex process it takes to acclimatize to the elements and climb the highest peak in the world and the bottleneck issues during […]

The Carlton Villa

Here’s what’s left of the famous Carlton Villa nestled within the Thousand Island of New York State. It’s reputed as being the most haunted mansion in the world and has a history of tragedy. Today it’s beyond repair…

The Bricklin – A Failed Dream

Check out this documentary on the Bricklin. This was the only modern day car built in Canada, with the exception of the Tudhope that was built in 1912 in Orillia Ontario. This car was an economic failure and a piece of shit as well. Terrible colors, poor performance and ill fitting parts eventually put the […]

The Truth About Sugar

Everyone should watch this sobering documentary on sugar and how it proliferates just about all our foods. Worse than that, sugar is being replaced by low cost corn fructose syrup that wreaks more damage to our bodies….

Niagara Falls – A Brief History

This is a really interesting History Channel documentary about Niagara Falls. For over a century it’s been the target of commercial exploitation, and has evolved into one of the world’s most popular tourist sites. If you’ve been to the Falls this will offer you great insight into it’s eventful past. If you never make it […]

The Dark Web

The internet we see is just the tip of the iceberg. Billions of unindexed pages exist in the dark web. This documentary offers some insight into the dark web, and how it will grow in the future…

Crystal Meth in Small Town America (1.38 hrs)

Crystal Meth continues to be an epidemic in smaller towns where the ingredients to make it are easily accessible. Watch how lives are destroyed and in some extreme cases meth lab accidents permanently blind, disfigure and even kill some of the makers of this drug…

Life in Solitary

This disturbing BBC documentary examines life in solitary for a group of men in a U.S. prison. See how they lose their minds. go nuts, riot, defecate all over their cells and in some cases even try to kill themselves…