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Taiwan Bridge Collapses

Watch how this modern bridge collapses in Taiwan after it was hit by a tsunami that weakened the structure. They should have done a complete inspection of the bridge before they let traffic across it…

Do It Yourself Electrical Installation

Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk in doing your own fixture installation, especially when you’re way way up high in a two story hallway. Shaky ladders and makeshift approaches should be avoided. Call in a professional with the proper tools and scaffolds…

Polish 92 Meter Bungee Jump Fail

This poor guy’s ankle harness slipped out and down he went. Fortunately, they were smart enough to place an airbag in the drop zone and his fall was somewhat cushioned. He sustained some injuries but is expected to make a full recovery. When in Poland take the bus tours and stay away from the Bungee […]

Massive Glacier Collapse

Watch this huge glacier tear apart and collapse into the water. At hundreds of meters in length the sheer weight and power of the collapsing mass can be seen as it displaces massive amounts of water, ramming it onto the shore….

Caution: DO NOT Inflate Over 40 Pounds

Weird looking girl gets botched lip injections, now looks like a duck for life. [Quack Quack] Besides that, what’s with her receding hairline and weird eyebrows? Looking a little freaky. On top of that she doesn’t exactly sound like a rocket scientist. No wonder the guy she speaks about won’t put his pecker in her […]

Sisters Hear Mom Getting Banged

Two sisters listen to their mom getting humped by her current boyfriend. As the fucking progresses she gets louder and louder. The girls hunker down with a bag of Doritos and make the video. Maybe it’s a substitute for Netflix.  This will probably turn these girls off boys and sex when they get older…