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Drunk Asian Going Home

After a few hours at the local bar,  Andy Quan heads home. He manages to run over or hit just about everything in his way… Time for a new windshield and maybe a new car too…

Road Rage in America

Watch as these total asshole dick-heads behind the wheel smack into people and don’t even have the decency to stop. Not only that, but as they evade their victims, many endanger many others with their escape attempts. Fortunately some are caught to face the music…

Mostly Slavic Car Crashes

Compilation of car crashes, mostly powered by vodka in our beloved Slavic countries. In most cases, these crashes are totally avoidable yet hard to avoid when you’re unconscious or seeing double….

Slovenian Date Ride

It’s Saturday evening and Gregor is about to take Sophie to town for an epic date. Gregor fucks up and they don’t get far. Sophie’s had it with him and the date’s over…

Super Fat Slob and His Supercar

What’s the point of owning a super sexy super car when you’re a bloated fat slob. Even worse, you look like a total loser when you’re just too fat to get out of the car. This guy isn’t impressing anyone today…  

Seizure While Skydiving

Do you know any of these total idiots who voluntarily exits an airplane? Check out this dumb fucker who jumps out of a plane and has a seizure at 12000 feet. Luckily, a fellow idiot happened to be passing by and was smart enough to pull his chute so the guy regained consciousness and landed […]