Cute56 Videos

Remembering Keyboard Cat

Our beloved keyboard cat passed away earlier this year. Here is a moving tribute to the cute little guy. Try to stomach your way through the scenes with media whore Miley Cyrus and just focus in on the kittie…

Kid’s Very Cool Roller Coaster

This would have taken some time to build but little Wyatt really enjoys it, which makes the effort all worth while. This is a very cool and well built roller coaster in the family backyard that all of Wyatt’s friends can enjoy all summer. Watch his first few epic rides on the new invention…

The Water Mouse

Mercury boats built the Water Mouse in the early 2000’s for Disneyland resorts. Later, Sea Ray build a more modern version that replaced the Water Mouse around 2008. TheĀ  Water Mouse livery was sold off and can be bought periodically on Kijjiji or Craiglist. This cute little two seater uses a small 8 horspower motor […]

Brittany’s Motivational Speech

Here’s Brittany Elizabeth giving one of her finest motivational speeches. She talks about what to do if you’re depressed or if things are just not working out for you. What to do if you’re having a bad day. Listen to her kind words and you’ll feel better, or just look at her amazing natural bulbous […]