Crime17 Videos

Serial Killer Edward Kemper

Psychopath Edward Kemper went on a killing spree in Santa Cruz California in the mid 1970’s. Raping, murdering and dismembering his female victims, Kemper had a continuous flow of body parts turning up beaches, trails and forests…

Crystal Meth in Small Town America (1.38 hrs)

Crystal Meth continues to be an epidemic in smaller towns where the ingredients to make it are easily accessible. Watch how lives are destroyed and in some extreme cases meth lab accidents permanently blind, disfigure and even kill some of the makers of this drug…

Life in Solitary

This disturbing BBC documentary examines life in solitary for a group of men in a U.S. prison. See how they lose their minds. go nuts, riot, defecate all over their cells and in some cases even try to kill themselves…

Double Life Double Murder

Sad yet fascinating story of this black guy living a double life who kills his wife and girlfriend and then fabricates some real bullshit that makes little sense to anyone and eventually lands up in the slammer.

Serial Killer Alan Legere

This guy went on a murder spree up in Canada and eluded police for months as he hid out in various parts of the town as well as the forest, that he know better than anyone including the cops…

The Murder of Laci Peterson

Here is a detailed documentary on the murder of Laci Peterson while she was pregnant. She disappeared Dec 24th 2002 on Christmas Eve and was found in the bay in April 2003 decomposed like shit. After investigation, her husband Scott Peterson liked porno and was porking some other woman who wanted the attention and told […]

Death Row Inside Indiana State Prison

Sir Trevor McDonald is able to connect and interview a number of death row inmates who share their perspectives on life, crime and their inevitable date with the execution chamber. McDonald holds a non-judgemental but empathetic position to these doomed men….

Joseph Donald Ture

Here is a disturbing video of Joseph Donald Ture who got away with multiple unsolved murders until one case of an 18 year old girl that he murdered gets reopened. The case uncovers 30 years of terror and multiples killing that are eventually solved. Everything eventually catches up with Klure three decades later.

Bodies on the Beach

Bodies have been turning up on the beaches of Long Island in New York for years, almost all are prostitutes. This is the work of one or more killers and to this day, the cases remain unsolved…

Until He is Dead

Here’s a sobering documentary of Nebraska’s long standing death penalty. An in-depth review of their history of botched executions, innocent victims and how they have evolved into a modern day state that executes by lethal injection. This current form of execution is far from perfect with its own array of problems and inhumane treatment of […]

Missouri Death Row Interviews

This documentary reveals the thoughts and feelings of several Missouri death row inmates and the support they get from the Sons of Thunder motorcycle network. Sometimes the interviews with these killers almost seems surrealistic. Many of their crimes are a result of spur of the moment bad decisions…..