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The Life of Pablo Escobar

Still more dope on this crazy drug lord. This documentary shows all sides of Pablo, including all the money he spent on the people, providing them with homes, facilities and help when they needed it. He loved the people of Columbia and hated the drug addicts of America that financed his campaign…

Pablo Escobar’s Hideout

Remember Pablo Escobar, that happy go lucky drug lord from the 1980’s? He had acquired almost 1000 properties in Columbia, that were used as vacation properties, hideouts, stash houses, safe houses and whore hoses too. Here is one property reviewed by a Hispanic rapper type guy, who even stumbles upon Pablo’s second in command’s limo, […]

Gene Rosen and his Sandy Hook Nonsense

For those that remember and followed Sandy Hook, Gene Rosen is the guy who “rescued” and took in 6 escapees from the school right after the supposed shooting. None of his story makes sense and here is an analysis of his nonsense with footage of him practicing his lines that he eventually fucks up anyway. […]

Serial Killer Ed Gein

Good old Ed Gein was your typical reclusive farmer next door. He kept to himself and was a pretty regular kind of guy. Except when he mummified his dead mother so he could talk to her after her death (and maybe do other things to her…). He liked murdering local women and making masks out […]

Locked Up Abroad – Mexico

Great little known documentary series about real people imprisoned in foreign countries. Almost all of them a re caught smuggling drugs and face the consequences. In this episode two American women are coerced into smuggling cocaine out of Mexico into the USA and get caught my Mexican police. Their stint in a Mexican prison is […]

Paris is now a Shithole

Patrick Joseph Watson looks at the current state of Paris after the wave of refugees. He even compares pictures from 2015 to today. You’ll see how three or four years has changed Paris into a complete shithole…

Reactions in Court

Are you having a shitty day? It can’t be as bad as these guys. Check out these people in court and their reactions to sentencing. Anything from being remanded to custody, life imprisonment and up to the death sentence….

Murders at Corpsewood Manor

Two explorers visit the ruins of Corpsewood Manor where two grisly murders took place a few decades ago. The owner was a closet homosexual who held gay satanic ritual parties with his gay lover. One day when they invite the wrong pair of guys to their sick parties, the tide is turned on them and […]

Speeding Like a Boss

When most people speed and come upon a police car they slow down and hope they aren’t caught by the cop. Not this guy. He plows into the back of the car and just pushes the cop out of the way, mangles the shit out of the cop car and progresses on his merry way […]

Kids Behind Bars

Youths who commit crimes are often incarcerated just like their adult counterparts. America imprisons more people per capita than any other nation. Might as well imprison our young people too. Putting people in jail in America is as popular as baseball…