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Guess That Drug 5

Check out this crazy chick gyrating at the public swimming pool. Based on how she’s moving, our guess is she’s using a Fentanyl suppository. Yup, we think she jammed that nasty drug up her dirt pipe….

Gas Station Argument

Only in America. Well dressed dude is flipping out because employees keep looking at his sandwich? Hard to tell what triggered this but the guy is sure causing a scene and making a lot of noise….

Hilarious Remote Control Alligator Prank

Guy puts an alligator head over a remote control boat and sends it on its way to attack boaters and swimmers. Some shit their pants and others see the prank for what it is. In the end the police are called. Off camera they probably took the prank alligator and beat the shit out of […]

Boat Tour in Brazil

There you are in a tiny tour boat with Hector the crazy tour guide who grabs the tail of an Anaconda the size of a bus. That snake could easily pull that boat under and swallow everyone in it just for an afternoon snack…See how thick it is as it swims away. Maybe some chubby […]

Lady Goes Bananas in Store

Looks like an unsatisfied customer…. Someone said she was mad that her lottery ticket won nothing and blames the store where she bough it. Watch how this lady destroys the store while employees just helplessly stand around. A taser would be handy in this situation…

Arab Drifting Inside the Car

Here’s a funny video of what goes on inside the car when crazy Arabs start their drifting routines. Look closely at the tachometer and speedometer too. They are going fucking fast. They’ve got their tunes, their gestures and chants and the world spinning around them…

Crazy Woman Parks Illegally and Gets Triggered

Other driver needs space to get in an out with his disabled son in a wheelchair. Low life woman parks in the no parking spot beside the handicap spot making it difficult for anyone needing to use the spot. Then she goes kookoo on the guy when he starts to take video of her. she […]

Iranian Demolition Expert

Mahmood keeps hacking away at this floor and manages to demolish it in an instance. How he’s going to get down from his perch, that’s something he hasn’t figured out yet….