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Fake Perpetual Motion Machine

Here’s another one of the many fake perpetual motion wheels on the internet in the pursuit of clicks. At best it’s a thermal wheel that might generate an imbalance in the liquids in hot sunlight and thus turn around. This guy claims it ran for a month straight which is impossible when it is in […]

The Truth About the Titanic Mission

Watch this short documentary on the Titanic Search mission carried out in the early 1980’s during the cold war. It appears that the search mission was pivotal around another search mission sponsored by the U.S. Navy, to find two lost nuclear submarines in the same area.

Gene Rosen and his Sandy Hook Nonsense

For those that remember and followed Sandy Hook, Gene Rosen is the guy who “rescued” and took in 6 escapees from the school right after the supposed shooting. None of his story makes sense and here is an analysis of his nonsense with footage of him practicing his lines that he eventually fucks up anyway. […]

The Dumb Dad and Domestic Commercials

Here’s a video from 2010 on how men are portrayed as immature, selfish, stupid and incompetent. This is part of a master agenda.  Luke Palandech the narrator of the video, back then asks that men be portrayed in a more positive light, yet men are being portrayed more frequently and aggressively as incompetent boobs and […]

Rocket Hits the Dome

Fun to watch rocket built by amateurs in a serious way apparently hits the dome, God’s Firmament [Check out the Book of Genesis], proving that the earth is flat. Other details follow in this video that support this conspiracy. Anyway, the whole thing is fun to watch and ponder…

WHAT Did He Say?

Remember Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon with Neil Armstrong? More and more people believe that it was a hoax, hence the reclusive life of Armstrong after the event. He just couldn’t go out in public and lie his ass off. But Buzz made it a career to write a book and make […]

Sandy Hook Gene Rosen Exposed

Remember the whole Sandy Hook event where 26 people were allegedly shot? Remember a “hero” called Gene Rosen who apparently “rescued” a bunch of kids who escaped the shooting? Free Radio revolution has examined all the inconsistencies in his various interviews. Check out this great analysis and discover that old Gene just can’t remember his […]

Sandy Hook Conspiracy

Remember the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 just before Christmas? Apparently 20 kids and 6 adults were shot by some 90 pound gunman nobody ever heard of. Here’s a quick explanation of what conspiracy theorists believe is a hoax to further gun control… ]