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Car Commercials from the 50’s

Check out these rolling tanks from the 50’s. After a while they all start looking the same. Looks like they were obsessed with ride quality those days. See at the end of the video the commercial for the Edsel. They make each model look fabulous. In reality it was one of the biggest and ugliest […]

Mighty Putty Infomercial

Check out the infomercial for mighty putty with the late great Billy Mays (Rest in Peace, Billy…). In this old commerical he peddles this wonder putty that offers a thousand uses. Only the soundtrack and narrative in this version has been updated and modified. Have a good laugh and check it out…

The Rat Patrol [1966-1968]

Here is an episode of a moderately successful series that aired on ABC from 1966 to 1968. It was about four guys in two  jeeps with a fucking big gun mounted on each one who beat the shit out of the Germans in Africa during World War 2. It didn’t matter whether they were outnumbered […]

The Vickers Viscount – Revolutionary Turboprop

The British made Vickers Viscount made a major impact on modern short range air travel. The plane entered service in 1950 with over 400 being produced and sold world wide. The American market had the most of them for regional travel with the American Made Constellation as the popular choice for overseas flights. The turboprop […]

Men In Coats 2013

Video of Men In Coats on their UK tour in 2013. Their unique brand of humor makes both children and adults laugh. Their unique antics, especially the mini man is timeless hilarity…

The Three Stooges – Out West [1946]

One of the first episodes featuring Shemp Howard who returned to the act in 1946. In this episode, The Three Stooges are mistaken by the crooks in a western cowboy town to own a massive vein of gold in the hills. The bad guys lock them up and mayhem ensues as they try to escape […]