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The Bricklin – A Failed Dream

Check out this documentary on the Bricklin. This was the only modern day car built in Canada, with the exception of the Tudhope that was built in 1912 in Orillia Ontario. This car was an economic failure and a piece of shit as well. Terrible colors, poor performance and ill fitting parts eventually put the […]

Abandoned Mansion Tour

A detailed video fo a magnificent abandoned mansion with the remnants of cars also, lying around as the elements consume both the house and everything on the property. So sad when grand properties end likes this….

Fake Rolls Royce Built by some Russian Guy

So this creative Russian guy with Asian features takes a Mercedes and puts his own home made Rolls Royce body onto the chassis and comes across with a fairly credible Rolls Royce Phantom. Quite the project and accomplishment for a guy working in a run down garage buried in the snow. Seems like the locals […]

Dwarf Cars

Dennis Gage meets this guy who has dedicated his life to building miniature cars that are smaller scale  replicas of the real thing. His workmanship is incredible, as he has built just about every body part of scratch. Think what this guy could accomplish with this talent instead of a bunch of pointless small cars. […]

Ten Amazing Machines

Here’s a collection of ten machines that reflect real ingenuity and creativity. These machines solve simple tasks like shaking fuit out of trees to complex replacement of entire railway systems…

The Evil Bridge

This bridge in North Carolina is only 11 ft 8 In high, offering far below the standard 14 ft clearance that most bridges in North America are built for. Over the past ten years almost 130 crashes have been recorded as box trucks fail to heed the warning lights, sensors and signs and try to […]

Bad Polish Drivers

Poland is pretty close to Russia so they must have picked up their bad drunk driving habits. This is the KURVA edition, listen for this Polish curse in a few of the accidents right after impact….

Rolls Royce Phantom for $40,000!

If you’ve ever thought of buying a Rolls Royce Phantom but don’t have the $450,000 needed to drive one home, the crafty Chinese have the answer. For less than one tenth the price (about $40,000) you can pick up a Geely GE, although it may be unavailable in North America. Rolls Royce is thoroughly pissed […]

Motor Home Tire Blow out

Watch what happens when a front tire blows on a high ended motor home that’s towing a fairly large vehicle behind it. In this short video, things happen very fast. It’s unlikely that the driver could have done anything to stop this rolling disaster…..

The THINK CITY Electric Car

Most of us have never heard of the TH!NK City electric car (Yes they actually spell it with an exclamation mark where the “I” should go…). It was built by Ford around 2011 in Norway and a small number were exported here to the USA. The car’s body was plastic, so no need to paint […]