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Lamborghini Aventador Built by Family with 3D Printer

This brilliant family project involves a donor corvette with its engine to create a 3D printed replica of a Lamborghini Aventador. The young kid appears smart beyond his years and hopefully more and more people will learn from this process and create their own cars on old chassis donor cars. Very cool…

Gas Stations in the 1950’s

You don’t have to watch the whole video, made for Chevron dealers in the 1950’s but just get a feel how things were in those days. The cars were super cool and you got the royal treatment by not one but two guys when you got gas. And after all that service under the hood, […]

Guys Survives Insane Crash

Don’t do drugs and drive like this guy. He doesn’t understand the curve in the road and decides to let the car do its own thing. The fact that he’s so drugged out probably helped. They’ll need to buff out the damage….

Hungover Girlie Shits Her Pants at Del Taco

This party girl is totally hungover and really needs to poop. She makes it to Del Taco but is a few moments too late and shits herself. The crazy thing is that this is the THIRD TIME THIS MONTH that she’s shot her pants. Maybe a change in lifestyle, diet, drugs and drinking is in […]

Batman Gets Pulled Over

Cool guy dressed as Batman in his black Lamborghini on his way to a kid’s hospital charity gets pulled over by the cops for a possible tag violation. The cops treat this kind fellow very nicely and let him go, so he can be at his charity appearance….