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The Subaru of the 1960’s

Here’s an old film of Subaru’s first attempt at importing a car into the USA. Many said it looked ugly and sales were poor. The tiny car got 66 miles per gallon and was easy to park and maintain. Ironically micro cars are making a big comeback around the world….

The 1974 Matador – The Forgotten Coupe Shitbox

It must of been tough living in the 1970’s. Gas shortages, Jimmy Carter and really shitty cars. Here’s a documentary on the AMC Matador. We’re not sure what this guy is talking about. This car is as ugly as hell even for the 1970’s and a total piece of shit. Check out how low American […]

Crazy Boat Accident

Here is a very rare video of a boat that actually becomes detached from its tow vehicle. Tow hitches are designed to stay attached even in violent accidents so it’s likely this guy actually forgot to lock down the tow hitch. A few bumps later and off the boat goes, smashing into this poor guy […]

How 8-Track Players Revolutionized Car Music

If you’re less than 40 years old you won’t know what an 8-track player was. However it was the first viable system for listening to pre-recorded music in your car. Eventually after a few plays of the tape the wow and flutter became unbearable and the bulky tapes basically filled the back seat of your […]

Abandoned North Wilkesboro Speedway

Here is one of the earliest speedways ever built. It was in North Carolina and was one of the earliest NASCAR race tracks. Changing times made the track obsolete and in spite of several attempts to resurrect it, the speedway will likely never be reborn. It sits in a remote area so potential for redevelopment […]

WTF Head on Collision

So Trevor can’t make the payments on his jeep and he’s really worried that he’s going to fuck up his credit rating. No problemo. Just destroy the jeep in an accident, collect the insurance and start over…

Cars Vs Water

Cars don’t stand a chance against the power of Mother Nature’s rage. Just wait until these fucked up cars are dried up and put on Kijiji as the “deals of he century”. Buy one of these flood cars and wait for all the electrical and engine problems as you drive the car home…

Chinese Ace Driver

OK, let’s admit that most Chinese drivers have garnered a reputation of being less than average drivers. But THIS guy, he aces it with parallel parking and secures the Guinness record for parking….

Secrets to Buying a Used Car

Auto Legend Scotty Kilmer talks about the five big things you need to look at when buying a sued car. Follow his advice and you just may land up with a good buy on your hands that will serve you faithfully for years to come…

Longest Internet Car Scam in History

Well meaning guy explains how scammers sucker people into sending money for replica cars that are promised in six weeks but never materialize. They’ve been scamming for over ten years now. They bait people with amazing low prices and ask for a big deposit up front and then vanish….Buyers beware – you can’t get a […]

The Amazing Model T

Here is a great documentary on the car that changed the world. It not only became the first assembly line production car but it changed the way of life and the prosperity of America. Even today, some production techniques pioneered with the Model T prevail today…