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Guy Makes a House From Bottles

This guy takes a low tech approach to making a house by just stacking a shitload of bottles to make the walls. Not sure if any municipalities would approve this under their building codes but cool to see his creativity. Think of all that plastic, God forbid, catching fire….

Fake Perpetual Motion Machine

Here’s another one of the many fake perpetual motion wheels on the internet in the pursuit of clicks. At best it’s a thermal wheel that might generate an imbalance in the liquids in hot sunlight and thus turn around. This guy claims it ran for a month straight which is impossible when it is in […]

Turbine Powered Mosquito Helicopter

Here’s a very cool and affordable $60K helicopter kit that’s enclosed and in this version is powered by a turbine. This single seater chopper performs well and is the most affordable enclosed helicopter on the market. Get it in a piston powered kit version for even less…

Low Rider Fails 1

Hispanic Dudes in California make cars go up and down with a series of complicated hydraulics. Good for the younger guys to mess with this instead of gangs and drugs. Don’t sell or shoot heroine, make car go up and down. Sometimes things don’t go up and down like you plan….

Very Cool Brick Dome performance Center

This brick dome performing arts center was built back in 2015. They started with a block foundation below grade and added a rebar “cage” so that they could lay the brick. An adjustable occulus at the top can regulate light too. Beautifully finished inside, it is used for music and drama with excellent acoustics. A […]

Iranian Demolition Expert

Mahmood keeps hacking away at this floor and manages to demolish it in an instance. How he’s going to get down from his perch, that’s something he hasn’t figured out yet….

African Dude Builds Own Car in 20 Years

Some African Dude builds a car from borrowed parts over a 20 year period. You decide whether it’s a work of art or a piece of shit. One thing that makes no sense are hideaway brake lights. Really? Well, as long as it makes him happy. We wonder if this guy could be of any […]

Cool Firewood Inventions

Some very cool ingenuity to tackle the task of splitting firewood. Splitting firewood can be an expensive and time consuming chore as well as somewhat dangerous. A little imagination and on-hand resources solves the problem!

Another African Helicopter

It’s been a while and we still wait for those Africans to create an actual flying machine of any kind. It can be a plane, helicopter, glider, we don’t care as long as it flies. Here is another helicopter that’s too heavy with typical undersized rotors and just not enough power. So, it can make […]

RC Model Airplace Crashes

Compilation of RC model airplance crashes with some very expensive and sophisticated projects being destroyed in seconds. All that time and money building these things and in an instance, they’re gone…