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What Happened to the Giant Hovercrafts

Europe and America went through a phase of giant hovercrafts that transported large numbers of passengers through short to medium distances. Eventually fuel costs and public interest determined the end of these big machines. Today some see transatlantic hovercrafts as a possibility but for now these former Concordes of the seas remain just a memory….

Boat Tour in Brazil

There you are in a tiny tour boat with Hector the crazy tour guide who grabs the tail of an Anaconda the size of a bus. That snake could easily pull that boat under and swallow everyone in it just for an afternoon snack…See how thick it is as it swims away. Maybe some chubby […]

Motor Yacht Launch Fail

Here’s a video of this long range ocean going motor yacht being launched with sad results. It’s 90 feet long with all the amenities for long range voyaging. Sadly the balance calculations were incorrect and the boat rolled after launching. No one was hurt and hopefully they can pump the water out and balance the […]

Cruise Ship Rams Into Venice Harbor

Massive cruise ship out of control rams into the harbor in Venice. Local Italians are furious with the high traffic, environmental issues with these visiting cruise ships and now these huge fuckers are ramming their other ships and the docks as well…

The Truth About the Titanic Mission

Watch this short documentary on the Titanic Search mission carried out in the early 1980’s during the cold war. It appears that the search mission was pivotal around another search mission sponsored by the U.S. Navy, to find two lost nuclear submarines in the same area.

Somali Pirates mess with Americans and Russians

Remember that movie with Tom Hanks playing that doorknob Captain Phillips? Remember how he let’s the Somali piratesĀ  take over his ship like a total retard? This video is modern reality where Americans and Russians cruising near Somalia take care of business if the pirates in their shitty boats try to engage them…

Abandoned Expo 1986 Floating McBarge

McDonald’s was one of the official fast food suppliers for the Expo 1986 world fair in Vancouver Canada. One of their most touted restaurants was a floating barge that was mothballed shortly after the close of the world fair. The barge has changed hands several times and locations but remains as a derelict vessel, basically […]

Sinking of Cape May Ferry

Here is an intentional sinking of a retired Cape May Ferry off the coast of Delaware. The idea is to create some sort of a diver’s adventure haven with the ferry as well as a place where the coral reef can grow and expand. The only problem is that the stripped out ferry starts to […]

Live on Water

Here’s a very interesting 960 square foot floating home. Inside it’s beautifully decorated and would be a great place to live. The peaceful water, the decks and the beautiful scenery around the home. The only issues is that you need a boat to get over to the house all the time, and you need to […]

Crazy Boat Accident

Here is a very rare video of a boat that actually becomes detached from its tow vehicle. Tow hitches are designed to stay attached even in violent accidents so it’s likely this guy actually forgot to lock down the tow hitch. A few bumps later and off the boat goes, smashing into this poor guy […]

Boat Ramp Disasters 1

Here is a compilation of disasters at the boat ramp with a whole array of flooded and totally submerged cars that will probably never be running again. Many of these people will probably never try to launch a boat again, maybe take up Karaoke instead….