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Father Forgets to Film His Kid

This father who is supposed to film his kid dancing on stage focuses instead on the cute teacher and her awesome bum. Look carefully at the boy in the upper right of the screen. He looks basically retarded up there…..

Global Oil Crisis 2 – Megan Blake

Here’s another gorgeous woman causing a global oil crisis. She’s using half the world’s oil supply to slick up her perfect body and massive titties. Watching her oil up is worth the long walk to work with no fuel for your car today…

Guess That Drug 5

Check out this crazy chick gyrating at the public swimming pool. Based on how she’s moving, our guess is she’s using a Fentanyl suppository. Yup, we think she jammed that nasty drug up her dirt pipe….

Best Candy in the World

If you like candy, check out Barb and her awesome multi-colored candy stick. See how she sucks on it and enjoys it so thoroughly. You’ll wish you had a candy stick like hers all to yourself, and maybe Barb too…