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Hailey Strips at the Office

Here’s cute Hailey stripping at the office. What a great place to work! Because it is a work video, you can watch it on the job. So if your boss comes to your cubicle and catches you watching Hailey strip, tell her to go fuck herself, it’s a WORK video…

Busty Babe Entertainment

Here’s an interesting babe who seems to have had her share of plastic surgery. The lips are a little inflated and check out the blown out titties. Is it just me or are her headlights a little out of alignment? Anyway, she has a nice collagen injected smile and would be total fun at a […]

Naked Guru with Bum Tooth

Here’s this hippy like blonde with big floppers and a bad tooth that you can’t stop looking at (the tooth). She blathers on and on about her philosophy of life being naked and the human body and all sorts of dumb crap. No matter what you can’t take your eye off of her bum tooth. […]

Woman Tries to put Gas into a Tesla

Hilarious video of a severely brain damaged woman and her struggle to put gas into a Tesla. The two guys taping her kill themselves laughing and add an infectious laugh track to this moronic situation. At the end one of the guys jumps out of their car and explains to the woman what the fuck […]

The Berghof

The Berghof was Hitler’s favorite hangout when he wasn’t busy killing people. In fact he hung around the Berghof and partied more at this location during World War 2 than any other location. In the end though he had to leave the Berghof and had to hang out in the Fuhrerbunker and blow his brains […]

Gorgeous Nurse

Here’s a really sexy nurse playing around in the examination room. Although with her vinyl getup indicates that she may not be a real nurse, she’s still fun to watch and enjoy. Besides all the nurses I see don’t wear hats any more it may a prop. The nurses I see these days are never […]