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Epic Wingsuit Flight Under the Arm of Christ

Amazing wingsuit flight under the arm of the Christ statue in Rio De Janeiro. These flights usually go ok, but many of these guys eventually land up smacking into bridges, towers or the ever-loving ground. Avoid this sport which is pretty much in the same category as skydiving…

Helicopter Crash Video 2

Compilation of some very scary chopper crashes. After seeing these you probably won’t want to get into one. Some of these crashes are just a few feet off the ground and very sudden, when rotors fails or other mechanical failures leave no room for error….  

Chalk Air Beach Crash

Air Crash Investigations reviews the tragic crash of a Grumman amphibious airplane that departed Miami bound for the Bahamas. Right after takeoff, a wing separates from the plane. The event is caught on a bystander’s camera. The crash was also the end of Chalk Air as a company as well…  

Balloon Goes Wrong – Three Dead

It looks like some festival in Thailand involves the launching of a balloon that is timed to release a shitload of fireworks when it is high up in the air to the amazement of the crowd. You can see that this hot air balloon with the burner inside looks way too small to lift that […]

Amazing 747 Landing and Takeoff at St Maartens

St Maartens offers the perfect view of large jet landings and takeoffs. Not only is it close up and personal, people get blasted by the jet engines on takeoff as they watch. Check out how the planes need to ascend quickly on takeoff to avoid the mountains at the end of the runway….

Bomber Hits Empire State Building

Remember when them planes suposedly hit the World Trade Centre Towers in New York on Sept 11th, 2001? Remember how the planes supposedly “melted” into the buildings with no debris to be found? Check out this REAL event where a Mitchell B25 Bomber smacks into the Empire State Building in 1945. A big plane hits […]

Incredible Home Made Vehicles

Here’s an assortment of old time inventions from flying machines to car-like things as well as boats. It’s incredible what people could put together with stuff they found around the house plus a few store bought materials…

Top Ten Unsafe Planes

Here are ten planes with terrible crash records. Fortunately, many of them come from earlier days of aviation and are no longer in service. Some like the MD-11 and DC-10 are still around but largely relegated to cargo service only. Today’s modern planes have much better safety records…

The Plane that Fell From the Sky

This classic CBS documentary from 1983 reviews the 1979 near crash of TWA flight 841. The pilots were able to regain control of the Boeing 727 after it fell thousands of feet and made an emergency landing. The passengers heralded the pilots as heroes who blamed the near crash on faulty controls. However, investigators said […]

Home Made Helicopter in Viet Nam

We thought the Africans had the monopoly on building flying machines that don’t fly, but now they have some stiff competition from this Vietnamese inventor. In the meantime we’ll keep looking for an African plane or helicopter that can actually fucking fly for once…