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Fatal Crash of Cessna 310

Listen to the ILS phone call of this pilot who is registering his flight plan. He sounds tired and confused and then has trouble starting one of his engines. A blurry security camera films the crash into a nearby house. The following documentation of the investigation and eyewitness reports gives us an idea how a […]

The Legendary L1011 TriStar

Documentary on the amazing Lockheed L1011 Tristar. The triple engine plane that could land itself and compete with the DC-10 and 747. Yet, advanced as it was for its time, it almost bankrupted Lockheed and ended their commercial jet manufacturing activities forever…

The Story of the USS Shenandoah

The History Guy reveals the triumphs and tragedies of the Airship Shenandoah. This airship was actually made by the Germans for war reparations and given to the USA. It was the predecessor to the Macon and Akron and sadly it succumbed to bad weather and plunged to the ground…

Helios Ghost Plane

This documentary reviews the very sad story of the Greek 737 run by Helios Airlines that lost cabin pressure causing everyone to pass out and then suffocate in 2005. The ghost plane traveled for a few more hours with one sole survivor desperately trying to regain control of the aircraft. His last attempts are observed […]

Flying Cars with High Hopes

Back in the 1960’s everyone expected us to have flying cars by the year 2000. For most people flying cars refer to th parts flying off of their shitboxes as they rattle down the road. Here are ten ambitious designs that have never managed to become mainstream realities. But we continue to dream and perhaps […]

American Airlines DC-7

Watch this great film on the classic DC-7 from the 1950’s. This was a very cool and solid airplane prior to the era of our modern jetliners. This was the first non stop trans continental airplane of its time with a solid safety record as well. Check out the doilies on all the seats that […]

The Legend of the Flying Boats

Before non-stop transatlantic flight became a reality, these flying boats or “clippers” flew across the Atlantic and other parts of the southern hemisphere in the 1930’s. The Clippers offered the height of luxury to their wealthy passengers but limitations on water based landings and takeoffs made these amazing planes obsolete as conventional airliners become more […]

The Bristol Brabazon

This is Britain’s largest aircraft ever built. With many forward thinking features, the timing of introducing this plane to the world market was against its success. The company was hoping for many sales from the USA but that never materialized and the Brabazon sadly faded into obscurity…  

The Epic Story of the USS Macon

Amazing Discovery documentary on the USS Macon, America;s greatest airship that like most of them ended in tragedy at the mercy of the weather. Like her sister ship the USS Akron, the Macon encountered weather she could not handle and perished. Both the Akron and the Macon were able to deploy patrol aircraft from her […]