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Guy Parachutes from Own Balcony

We think this takes place in Malta. In spite of his wife’s concerns this guy decides to test his new parachute and jump off of his balcony. It doesn’t look high enough for the chute to open, but it does. When he gets back to the apartment, with all his wife’s nagging about his foolishness, […]

Nutjob Yells Bomb on Plane

Does this guy know something we don’t? How would you like to fly with this guy who screams about a bomb on board? They take him away for evaluation and sweep the plane. The find nothing and complete the flight safely. Still, as you take off you may feel a little uneasy…

Longest Skydiving Landing in History

During Russian Military paratrooper training, Igor comes down just fine. That’s when all his troubles begin and with the high winds, he keeps landing and landing and landing. Eventually fellow soldiers Ivan and Dmitri run out to try to end Igor’s ordeal. Looks like all of them are being powered by vodka…

Turbine Powered Mosquito Helicopter

Here’s a very cool and affordable $60K helicopter kit that’s enclosed and in this version is powered by a turbine. This single seater chopper performs well and is the most affordable enclosed helicopter on the market. Get it in a piston powered kit version for even less…

The Largest Flying Boats in History

Flying Boats were a great way to get across the ocean or visit south America before transcontinental jets developed. Many offered sleeping berths and the ultimate in luxury. The large flying boats were part of an era of amazing travel. A far cry from our crowded airports and tight airline seats. Although some planes were […]

Seizure While Skydiving

Do you know any of these total idiots who voluntarily exits an airplane? Check out this dumb fucker who jumps out of a plane and has a seizure at 12000 feet. Luckily, a fellow idiot happened to be passing by and was smart enough to pull his chute so the guy regained consciousness and landed […]

Top 3 Crashes at Lukla Airport – Nepal

Lukla Airport is considered the most dangerous airport in the world. It’s single runway that ends into a mountain takes great skill to land on, as you thread your way through the mountains in obscured weather. On a good landing you’ll survive and only shit your pants. Here are three top crashes captured on video […]

The Vickers Viscount – Revolutionary Turboprop

The British made Vickers Viscount made a major impact on modern short range air travel. The plane entered service in 1950 with over 400 being produced and sold world wide. The American market had the most of them for regional travel with the American Made Constellation as the popular choice for overseas flights. The turboprop […]