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Epic Show Off Fails

Compilation of complete assholes in cars and on bikes who show off and completely screw up in front of the crowd. It’s a total abuse by mentally challenged idiots of some decent machines….  

Russian Grenade Girl

Slavka is hanging out in this type of bunker and demonstrates how to safely throw a grenade to demolish a section. Her aim is pure shit and when the grenade bounces off the wall, all the Russians run for cover…

Super Fattie Wrestling Crusher Move

It looks like this dude’s amateur wrestling days are over. When a guy the size of a Toyota drops on you, it’s time to find another vocation. Let’s hope he survived this ordeal and will regain consciousness soon. As for the fat guy, he owes the gym a new table…

Gas Station Argument

Only in America. Well dressed dude is flipping out because employees keep looking at his sandwich? Hard to tell what triggered this but the guy is sure causing a scene and making a lot of noise….

Drunk Asian Going Home

After a few hours at the local bar,  Andy Quan heads home. He manages to run over or hit just about everything in his way… Time for a new windshield and maybe a new car too…

Road Rage in America

Watch as these total asshole dick-heads behind the wheel smack into people and don’t even have the decency to stop. Not only that, but as they evade their victims, many endanger many others with their escape attempts. Fortunately some are caught to face the music…

Lady Goes Bananas in Store

Looks like an unsatisfied customer…. Someone said she was mad that her lottery ticket won nothing and blames the store where she bough it. Watch how this lady destroys the store while employees just helplessly stand around. A taser would be handy in this situation…

Crazy Woman Parks Illegally and Gets Triggered

Other driver needs space to get in an out with his disabled son in a wheelchair. Low life woman parks in the no parking spot beside the handicap spot making it difficult for anyone needing to use the spot. Then she goes kookoo on the guy when he starts to take video of her. she […]

Slovenian Date Ride

It’s Saturday evening and Gregor is about to take Sophie to town for an epic date. Gregor fucks up and they don’t get far. Sophie’s had it with him and the date’s over…

Dumbass of the Month Award

After a few bottle of vodka Igor and Slavek decide to see what will happen when we put a bullet proof vest over Slavek’s hairy fat ass and fire a high powered rifle into it. Kevlar is great stuff but it won’t work miracles as these Russian buffoons soon discover.

Super Car Crash Disasters

Check out these idiots who have more horsepower and money than brains. It’s a shame that such expensive cars are driven recklessly with disrespect.  While we putter around in our Kias, these assholes are destroying $300,000 super cars. Maybe some are rentals but sooner or later they will pay for their dumb deeds…