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Tokyo 8 Square Meter Apartment

Bryce Langston travels to Tokyo to see one of the tiniest apartments you can imagine that is less than six feet wide! It’s so small the fucking door has to swing open to the hallway. It has a sleeping loft with a steep ladder. Try climbing up or down this ladder when you’re hammered. Many […]

Rolls Royce Phantom for $40,000!

If you’ve ever thought of buying a Rolls Royce Phantom but don’t have the $450,000 needed to drive one home, the crafty Chinese have the answer. For less than one tenth the price (about $40,000) you can pick up a Geely GE, although it may be unavailable in North America. Rolls Royce is thoroughly pissed […]

China’s Terrifying Social Credit System

Paul Joseph Watson reveals China’s evolving social credit system that seems like a slice out of Orwell’s 1984 book. With technology, the communist government claims that it can successfully monitor the behaviour of it’s citizens, at least in the urban areas. People will have a social credit score that will adversely affect what they can […]

China’s Bicycle Crisis

See what happens when shared bicycles are unregulated and millions of bikes flood Chinese cities without regulated docking stations. Mountains of metal all over the place clogging parks, bike lanes and parking lots. Maybe the Chinese should regulate the number of bikes allowed into the market and see how we Americans do it…