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Terminator Toddler

Asian kid gets run over by a van and survives relatively unscathed kinda like a Terminator movie. Notice how driver Ho Lee Fuk doesn’t stick around after running the kid over…

Asian Skooter Crashes 2

Mostly Asian skooters. Watch the crashes and pileups of these seemingly safe modes of transportation. Luckily most end in a few bruises and scrapes. Yet, we wonder how they can be sooooo bad at driving these little vehicles…..

Chinese Ace Driver

OK, let’s admit that most Chinese drivers have garnered a reputation of being less than average drivers. But THIS guy, he aces it with parallel parking and secures the Guinness record for parking….

Crew of Asiana Flight 214

Remember a couple of years back when Asiana Flight 214 came in too low and crashed trying to land at the San Francisco airport? Pranksters fed the teleprompter with fabricated names of the crew and the dipshit newscaster read them off without even thinking what she was reading. It was a very sad event but […]

Crazy Asian Vegetable Stand

The local train passes by a few times a day where these vendors have set up their stalls. As the train goes by, they lift their awnings until they train passes by. They also position their wares just perfectly so the train passes without hitting them. They probably get a pile of grease and dirt […]

North Korea – Good Times

Here is a rarely seen look at that black hole we call North Korea. You can actually go there as a tourist or journalist and check the place out. Of course you risk going to jail and being executed at any moment, and you always need a government official who will “manage” where you go […]

Home Made Helicopter in Viet Nam

We thought the Africans had the monopoly on building flying machines that don’t fly, but now they have some stiff competition from this Vietnamese inventor. In the meantime we’ll keep looking for an African plane or helicopter that can actually fucking fly for once…

Chinese Thor Saves the Day

Some idiot is spitting seeds on the floor of some Chinese subway car much to the chagrin of the other passengers. When they ask him to stop he just swears at them and continues his messy deed. Out of nowhere come Chinese Thor to straighten this guy out and make him a brain damaged vegetable […]

Chinese Baby Dancer

Little toddler at a Chinese Communist dancefest steals the show. He even has a few cool moves too. He’s probably being forced to dance as some sort of propaganda film, with his mother being held at gunpoint off camera but he still does a cool job…