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Sad Abandoned House with Everything Left Behind

An explorer stumbles upon an abandoned house with a mix of antique furniture as well as modern items like a flat screen monitor. So it looks like this house has been recently abandoned. There are cars in the driveway and items in the house like clothing and costume jewelry that implies that the owners just […]

Abandoned Canadian Mansion

Although the USA has many abandoned mansions, especially in the south, Canada with far fewer dwellings and relatively newer structures, has far fewer abandoned mansions. Here is a rare one in Canada that is toured by a woman who shows just how grand the estate was. This property in a Canadian city will probably be […]

Abandoned Ski Resort

Guys do a detailed exploration of and abandoned ski resort in New York State. This resort had seen better times but with cheap air travel, people had more choices for vacation travel and started going to more distant locations. You’ll see all the rental skis, boots and skates left behind as if they just walked […]