Retarded Kid Dials 911 and Invites Cops to His Birthday Party

Little Boy Calls Police To Invite Them To His Birthday Party ITS SHOCKING thumb2

Five year old retard dials 911 twice to invite cops to his birthday party in Australia. In this heavily edited video, the cops pay Zachary a “surprise” visit. The dumb kid lets them in the house without a search warrant where they probably find piles of illegal drugs and weapons. On camera they give him a plush toy in order to get in the house. Off camera they probably found the drugs and arrested everyone. In the end they also probably beat the shit out of Zachary for dialing 911 and shoved the plush toy up his ass. We’re not sure why at the age of five he would call the police, the way his life is going, he’ll probably be seeing cops every other day of his life…

Author: Jerome Howard

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