Ten reasons NOT to do a DNA Test

Ten resons Not to do A DNA Test thumb26603

People are paying good money to get their DNA tested only to get back some bogus report that says that they’re 1% Mongolian. Who gives a fuck. However, once you surrender your DNA to these websites they become open domain and the police and authorities can tap into this information easily. It’s worse than surrendering your fingerprints to them, and you voluntarily give up all your privacy. Remember the Golden State Killer who killed a shitload  of women and couples in the 1980’s and got caught 35 years later? The only way they caught him was because his dipshit brother did one of these DNA tests and they were able to narrow down the

family and eventually this guy to the murders. This may have been a good outcome but it demonstrates how the police can find out all sorts of ill shit about you through your DNA. So don’t do it and remember that the authorities already track all your internet activities. So every time you Google BBW lesbians, THEY KNOW….


Author: Kathleen sproznack

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