Lynnwood Hall – America’s Most Amazing Abandoned Mansion

Lynnwood Hall Drone Exploration thumb2726

Adventurer Kyle McGran explores the manion from the outside with some great drone shots too. Lynnewood Hall was built by the Widener family in the early 1900’s. Widener had made his fortune in steamships and railway investments. With the recommendation of JP Morgan, the richest man in the world Widener invested in the Titanic. Although KP Morgan was supposed to board the Titanic for it’s ill fated maiden voyage, business commitments forced him to reschedule. Widener’s two sons, then in the 20’s boarded the Titanic and were among the 1500 souls who perished. The mansion has changed hands several times after Widener passed away and is currently owned by the Korean Church of New York, that now have it for sale because the town would not let them operate a church on the property with tax-exempt status. So far, no one has been able to step up and but the property that could be restored to its former glory for about 3-6 million dollars…


Author: Howard Cooper

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