Man Gets Pregnant

Man Gets Pregnant thumb1649

As a strong, independent and empowered black woman even this story messed me up. OK, so this woman takes testosterone hormones and starts looking like a man. Has a beard, ball cap and guy’s checkered shirt. We’ll call him Mountain Mike. Mountain Mike still has a vagina and hasn’t had “bottom surgery” yet. Mountain Mike meets Mountain Bob and they move into some fucking trailer or bus or something together. Now Mountain Bob, doesn’t wanna waste a perfectly good vagina so he pounds Mountain Mike in the “Slot C” on a regular basis, until the day when Mountain Mike will get some sort of a pecker installed. Then they can pound each other in the ass for eternity after that. Actually, look for the sign “Hippies Use back Door” in the window of the van. Normally when you take testosterone as a female your fertility will stop, but in a one in a million chance, Mountain Mike was still fertile and got pregnant. And just picture what these two look like fucking away in that trailer. Just imagine how confused the kid is gonna be when he/she is born too. This is really fucked up.

Author: Mark Perzog

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