Leave It To Beaver Legacy

Leave it To Beavers Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow Reflect on the Shows 60 Year Legacy thumb7790

For those that don’t know or remember, Leave It To Beaver was a show that aired 60 years ago in the 1950’s. You need to find some episodes and check it out. This was when America was at its peak. and everything was normal. Families were normal and children treated adults with respect. Social whackos weren’t invented yet and life was good. In this TV interview, Jerry Mathers (The Beaver)  and Tony Dow (Wally his older brother) reflect on the ongoing success of the show. It has gone global and has been continually broadcast somewhere in the world consistently for 60 years. It’ll make you wish you grew up in this era where there were no snowflakes or left wing psychos being offended by everything and yelling in your face all the time….

Author: Lenny Bruight

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