Guy From the Future Horseshit Videos

2 Time Traveler Reveals EXACT DATES of Future Events thumb70851

There are a pile of videos surfacing on the Internet of guys supposedly coming to us from the future. All of them show some guy with his face blurred out and usually his voice disguised. The short term objective of course is clickbait. To sucker you into watching this garbage to build site traffic and advertising revenue. The other agenda is to tell you haw bad global warming is in the future so you buy into the scam here and now in the present. Watch this video just to see how full of shit it is, and see how logical details are all messed up. For example way in the future who the fuck is going to use paper? Yet this clown comes back with scraps of paper? And they’re scrunched up so he can hide them. Why not stick a futuristic chip up your ass? It’s worth watching this nonsense to catch all the illogical flaws. At least if they’re going to make up bullshit from the future think it through a little better and make it more credible…

Author: Eddie

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