Unsellable Mansions

Unsellable Mansions Luxury Property Mistakes thumb33219

This mansion was built by some sleazy former pimp-turned-builder over a twenty year period. What a fucking mess. He’s dead now and the poor selling potential of the place is no longer his problem. Not only does the mansion show like a piece of shit, but it’s way over-developed and overpriced for the neighborhood. Even the guy’s cat hates the place.  It will land up selling for far less than the asking price of $1,295,000 and whoever buys it needs about 500 sheets of drywall to cover up all the eccentricities and a bulldozer to create a half decent front lawn area. It may be a bargain in Indianapolis. If you build a house, don’t fuck it up like Mr. Pimp did…..

Author: Moe

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