The THINK CITY Electric Car

Most of us have never heard of the TH!NK City electric car (Yes they actually spell it with an exclamation mark where the “I” should go…). It was built by Ford around 2011 in Norway and a small number were exported here to the USA. The car’s body was plastic, so no need to paint the car, the color of the car was embedded in the plastic. It was a pretty solid little car and cute as hell. It went about 100 miles on a charge and could hit up to 75 miles per hour when not in economy mode. Sadly Ford pulled the plug on the company (no pun intended) and they went bankrupt around 2012. Today you can pick one up for about $6,000 if you can find one but trim parts will be impossible to find if needed. The mechanical parts were largely pirated from the Ford Focus, but proprietary parts like the electric motor and batteries are another challenge if replacement is required. nevertheless, for 2011, this car was a success and it’s sad that it fell by the wayside. Let’s hope someone comes back with a similar model and with today’s technology, perhaps even better range. The Chinese WHEEGO was imported into the USA around the same time but was pulled off the roads for non compliance to EPA standards and was a bucket of bolts frought with problems. Today, the best contender for this class of tiny electric car is the third generation SMART car that now actually has a hood! Unfortunately, with a similar range of about 100 miles the Smart Car has a price tag around $30,000 and that’s about $10,000 higher than what the WHEEGO and TH!NK CITY cars went for in 2011. At least with the Smart car, parts and service won’t be an issue.

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