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The Subaru of the 1960’s

Here’s an old film of Subaru’s first attempt at importing a car into the USA. Many said it looked ugly and sales were poor. The tiny car got 66 miles per gallon and was easy to park and maintain. Ironically micro cars are making a big comeback around the world….

Live on Water

Here’s a very interesting 960 square foot floating home. Inside it’s beautifully decorated and would be a great place to live. The peaceful water, the decks and the beautiful scenery around the home. The only issues is that you need a boat to get over to the house all the time, and you need to […]

The 1974 Matador – The Forgotten Coupe Shitbox

It must of been tough living in the 1970’s. Gas shortages, Jimmy Carter and really shitty cars. Here’s a documentary on the AMC Matador. We’re not sure what this guy is talking about. This car is as ugly as hell even for the 1970’s and a total piece of shit. Check out how low American […]

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