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Canadian Dies on Mt Everest

Heartbreaking documentary of Canadian Sharia Shah who dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Making it to the top, she proudly held the Canadian Flag. Sadly, she took too long to get to the summit and after spending almost 27 hours in the Death Zone, she perished. She is gone but at least she realized her dream. […]

Hailey Strips at the Office

Here’s cute Hailey stripping at the office. What a great place to work! Because it is a work video, you can watch it on the job. So if your boss comes to your cubicle and catches you watching Hailey strip, tell her to go fuck herself, it’s a WORK video…

Word War 2 From the German Perspective [1.30 hr]

They say that the victors of way write the history books. We’ve all seen countless movies and read piles of books on World War 2, but always from the perspective of the victors. This fascinating documentary discusses and reveals what the war was like for the German people…

Giant Hovercraft SN-R4 Gone Forever

Hovercrafts were popular in the 1970’s and into the 1990’s until high operating costs killed most of the hovercraft services around the world. These crafts offered the convenience of boat travel over short distances like ferry routes but at a much faster rate. Escalating fuel costs and ticket prices generated a drop in ticket sales […]

Top Ten Unsafe Planes

Here are ten planes with terrible crash records. Fortunately, many of them come from earlier days of aviation and are no longer in service. Some like the MD-11 and DC-10 are still around but largely relegated to cargo service only. Today’s modern planes have much better safety records…

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