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Chelsea Charms The Biggest Boobs in the Galaxy

Check out Chelsea Charms (not her real name) with these massive airbags. She probably doesn’t need to wear seatbelts. Watch part 1 where she is interviewed and in part 2 we have added some real boobage video of Chelsea in a black T-shirt that she eventually takes off. Maybe it’s just me but I think […]

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is an annual event where people kill each other for the best bargains in televisions, fitness equipment and electronics. Here are some warriors battling it out to the death for things like SONY 60″ TV’s and assorted laptops…

Why Some Cars have Timing Chains Vs. Belts

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic legend talks about gears, chains and belts. Most importantly, stay away from shitty timing belts and always buy a car with a timing chain. Ask the dealer before you buy and also check it out on the net. There are many sites that list what is equipped on specific vehicles….  

Little Kid Steals the Show

Here’s a kid who hams it up on the weather show. You can see the adult weather guy getting progressively more irritated by the kid but remains a professional. More important than anything is this kid’s latent gayness and his destiny to come out of the closet after the show…

The 1943 Air Raid on Boise Idaho

Another great video by The History Guy revealing that the U.S. military accidentally bombed Boise Idaho during a training mission at night. The bombs were dummy bombs that did not explode but rained down on the residences of this town by mistake…

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