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Gooks of Hazzard

Hilarious spin on the classic shoe Dukes of Hazzard with an Asian spin….

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Crazy Insane Crashes

Great compilation of vodka powered crashes, redneck smashes and crazy guys in car rallies…

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Quarantine With Your Wife

Watch how this guy entertains himself during the quarantine. He even has a cool nerf ball gun…

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Nadia Dovich – Belarus Beauty

Share an afternoon with Nadia. One of the most exotic tall brunettes from this pretty country. Go…

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Pushover Plunge

Here’s another retarded product seen on TV with a better narrative than the original….

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Serial Killers in Modern Times

There’s been a big drop in serial killers over the past 20 years. This is likely because…

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Russians at the Gas Pumps

This demonstrates how vodka and gasoline don’t mix well. Watch these asleep-at-the-wheel Russians totally screw up while…

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Hilarious Flight Attendant

Listen to this gay sounding male flight attendant give passengers the pre-flight safety briefing. It’s pretty funny…

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Don’t Mess with these Russians

It seems like being held up at gunpoint in a Russian Cafe is not a problem for…

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Girlie Building Kite Surfing

These girls are bored of regular kite surfing over the water. so they decide to smack into…

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Invincible Chinese Kid 2

Here’s another kid with the Terminator gene. He gets run over by a van but just gets…

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Crappy Day At Work

Compilation of on the job disasters. These guys should have just stayed at home….