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Lorena Bobbitt Speaks

For those that don’t know or remember, Lorena Bobbitt is the psycho woman who got pissed off with her husband and cut his pecker off with a knife. She then drove away with it and threw it in a ditch somewhere. They retrieved his schlong and reattached it. It worked pretty good after that, so […]

North Korea – Good Times

Here is a rarely seen look at that black hole we call North Korea. You can actually go there as a tourist or journalist and check the place out. Of course you risk going to jail and being executed at any moment, and you always need a government official who will “manage” where you go […]

Eva on the Beach

Enjoy watching Eva on the beach jiggling her ample floppers for us. She also gets beach sand all over her body but there’s enough water in the ocean to get clean again…

Ultra Retarded Ice Hotel

You’ve probably heard of various countries like Sweden, Finland and Canada creating ice hotels. This is a really fucking stupid idea, in the same category as line dancing, karaoke, skydiving, bungee cord jumping, base jumping and other ill shit. Anybody who would pay good money to sleep in a meat locker needs their fucking head […]

David Hahn – Kid Builds Nuclear Reactor

This is the incredible story about David Hahn who as a young teenager, through determination and deceit was able to get the materials to build a nuclear reactor in his backyard shed. As he neared completion, the government by a fluke caught wind of his experiments and discovered he had irradiated the neighborhood. His mother […]

Advanced Chainsaw Madness

See how these pros drop trees with their chainsaw skills under some difficult situations. Tree felling is a very dangerous profession, but these guys make it look easy and live another day…

Locked Up Abroad – Mexico

Great little known documentary series about real people imprisoned in foreign countries. Almost all of them a re caught smuggling drugs and face the consequences. In this episode two American women are coerced into smuggling cocaine out of Mexico into the USA and get caught my Mexican police. Their stint in a Mexican prison is […]

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