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Turned Wood Vase

Woodturning is a very relaxing hobby for many woodworkers. Watching then transform a random piece of wood into a think of beauty is relaxing and almost hypnotizing. This wood turner takes a hand picked fork piece and creates a work of art…

Fatal Crash of Cessna 310

Listen to the ILS phone call of this pilot who is registering his flight plan. He sounds tired and confused and then has trouble starting one of his engines. A blurry security camera films the crash into a nearby house. The following documentation of the investigation and eyewitness reports gives us an idea how a […]

Do Some People Get on your Nerves?

We all have those irritating people in our live, basically crazy, with nervous twitches and other things you’d wish they’d stop doing. Now you have an answer! Give them a fucking lobotomy. It’s easy, remember Jeffrey Dahmer? That serial killer party animal used to give his victims lobotomies and you can too. Check out how […]

CBD Oil and Parkinsons Disease

CBD oil from either hemp or cannabis is having great success in controlling symptoms from Parkinsons as well as slowing or stopping its development. The effect of a few drops under the tongue can take effect as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes…

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